Relationship Roadmap:

Through Conflict to Collaboration

8 Guided Steps To Productive, Peaceful, and Profitable Relationships at Work

Although every conflict is unique, the PLAY NICE in the Sandbox System helps put an end to avoidance issues in the workplace so that you can assertively confront problems.  These easy to apply tips, tools, and phrases provide a step forward for you in your mission to create a cooperative team with a winning attitude.

A Practical Guide for Workplace Conflict For Managers and Supervisors

Lead a divided team to resolution with this step-by-step roadmap. This guide navigates how to:

  • Get people to take personal responsibility so they “show up” ready to be productive

  • Talk about issues as they arise so they don’t become a bigger problem

  • Be an active listener to help understand situations from all perspectives

  • Guide employees to understand how their roles matter in the grand scheme of things

  • Nurture relationships through difficulties

  • Gain employee buy-in and momentum to create openings for productive dialogue

  • Create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and safe

  • Reprimand respectfully with boundaries and commitments to inspire behavior change

  • Empathize with a balance of person-to-person connection and constructive feedback to bring the human element to the forefront

Keynote Speaker and Author

Penny Tremblay

25 years ago Penny led a sales team into the Million Dollar Club using the principles of relationship strategies. She’s since been teaching, speaking and writing as an expert on the glue that holds business relationships together. Tap into her captivating style which is authentic, passionate, interactive, inspiring and swings like a pendulum from the depths of human emotion to hilarious. Participants are taken on an unforgettable journey, realizing that relationships and people skills significantly contribute to saving time and money for maximum profit.

"You continue to amaze me." 

Your skill at relaying the information so that it hits’ home and I get it…I am in awe of it.  I am thankful for your knowledge. Lots of ah-ha moments once again.

—S. Gregorini, Manager, Sagamok First Nation

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